Apero FAQs

What security does Apero have in place?
Founded by a former National Security Agency officer, security has been a core tenet to Apero from Day 1. Apero is fully encrypted, HIPAA and SOC II compliant, and cloud-based. We also support IP geofencing, eliminating unwanted access to patient data on the IP and location level. Finally, we perform background checks on everyone at the Apero handling patient data, and perform regular access and permission checks for all users that use the Apero platform. Apero users only have access to specific organizations and patient data on a need-to-know basis. For patient billing, Apero employs identity verification to provide only the necessary information for patients to identify and correctly pay their bills.
Do you offer real-time eligibility?
Apero’s eligibility solution allows you to verify that your patients have active insurance and receive the details on their eligibility in real-time. When looking at a patient’s insurance breakdown within Apero, you see a comprehensive description of their plan, current deductible and copay amounts, out-of-pocket maximums, in-network vs. out-of-network details, and more.
Does Apero support e-prescribing?
Yes, Apero supports e-prescribing for all specialties. The prescriber has choice of medication and the patient has choice of pharmacy.
What is the timeline for an API integration?
Most digital health startups can use our example code to have proof of concept in hours or a day or two and a functional production implementation with a few weeks or months.