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The complete billing package for digital health

Apero integrates patient eligibility, RCM, and financial reporting into a single system.  Through an easy-to-use UI and fully featured API, Apero provides a flexible solution for the financial operations of your practice.

Spend your time delivering care, not dealing with insurance.

Reduce your billing time by as much as 80%, all while increasing your growth, through Apero’s API’s and advanced claims software.

Spend more time with patients
View eligibility updates and payer contracting
Automate patient and insurance collections

No hassle security,
that works.

Founded by former National Security Agency and industry veterans, Apero was built to withstand hackers and ransomware attacks. This is performed through Apero’s fully encrypted, HIPAA compliant, cloud-based system including IP geofencing, and more.

Apero's single, modular, system

Apero's all-in-one system allows you to shortcut development time and focus on what matter to your practice

Insurance Billing
Advanced Reporting
Patient Billing
Advanced Security
Developer Tools

Apero's fully-featured API connects healthcare and finance.